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Another game development book?

Yes, but today's game development scene is full of resources that teach you how to use a tool, and I found a severe lack of guides that would help aspiring game developers avoid common mistakes.

This book aims to fix both those issues: it won't teach you a specific tool and it will be chock-full of tips and tricks, explained thoroughly, that you can apply to your game.

This book aims to be as in-depth as possible, so you can create your own game either from scratch or using one of the many engines available.

Is it free?

Yes! And it always will be.

This book aims to be a free (as in price) teaching and reference resource for anyone who wants to learn 2D game development from scratch, including the nitty-gritty details.

(Small) Disclaimer 

This is an ongoing and continuously evolving project, there still are lots of placeholders!

 If you want to contribute, just check the "more details" section for the source code of this book or just open a topic! That would really make my day!

What are "Editions"?

This book has its own source code tailored specifically to be extensible, so that each person can choose their favourite programming language and feel right at home from the first word of the first line.

The editions currently available are:

  • Pseudocode Edition With Syntax Highlight: A simple, language-agnostic approach to explaining algorithms.
  • Python Edition: Ideal for who wants to start with a simple language.
  • C++ Edition: For the ones who prefer one of the most (if not the most used) language in game development.
  • JavaScript Edition: For those who want to try engines based on browser technologies.
  • Lua Edition: Lua is a lightweight programming language that is earning a lot of traction in the game development world. This version requires thorough revision and any help is appreciated!

Suggestions? Doubts? Errors?

Feel free to open a topic on this itch page! I'll try to respond as quickly as I can, I'll be more than happy to solve any doubts as well as listen to any suggestion you have!

Want to contribute?

If you want to contribute in any way, shape or form (new content, new supported languages or engines/libraries, diagrams or drawings) feel free to:

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