Version 0.7.4 is out now!

After almost 3 months, we have an update!

The entire book has been proof-read and some awkward wording has been fixes, as well as some minor (and major) mistakes.

New content

New content has been added, including (but not limited to):

  • Mutators
  • New optimization tips
  • Added some Notes
  • New asset creation basics

Lowering the barrier of entry

I started thinking that maybe the barrier of entry for the book was a bit too high, mostly in the "maths" section, so I decided to write sections and clearer explanations (at the cost of not being as "rigorous") for many concepts that people may not have (or just not remember).

More diagrams and example images have been added, both to give context and graphical explanation, as well as to avoid the "wall of text" effect that may give people (me included) anxiety.

New UML diagrams

I have to admit, this came practically for free: with the newest update of PlantUML came a new theme that looks a lot more professional than the legacy "straw yellow paper". Many diagrams have been edited to make more sense, by forcing some arrow directions and to take full advantage of the new theme.

Glossary Improvements

I have never realized that the glossary has been broken since day one: the small "[g]" would always bring you to the letter "G" of the glossary, now I have fixed everything and added more terms. I expect to fill the glossary even more as new terms come up.


After 160 commits spread in 3 months, here we are. A new version of "2D Game Development: From Zero to Hero" has been released, there is still a lot I want to add but it will have to wait.

For now I've gotten to a point I can say that I'm satisfied about, work  will continue "behind the scenes" and there may be some bugfix releases in the next weeks, but I don't think there will be any major update for the next months.

Thank you everyone for reading, both this post and the book. I really hope it has helped you somehow.



Pseudocode_Edition.pdf 22 MB
Version 0.7.4 Jun 04, 2022
Lua_Edition.pdf 22 MB
Version 0.7.4 Jun 04, 2022
Lua_Edition.epub 15 MB
Version 0.7.4 Jun 04, 2022
JS_Edition.pdf 22 MB
Version 0.7.4 Jun 04, 2022
JS_Edition.epub 15 MB
Version 0.7.4 Jun 04, 2022
C++_Edition.epub 15 MB
Version 0.7.4 Jun 04, 2022
Python_Edition.epub 15 MB
Version 0.7.4 Jun 04, 2022
Pseudocode_Edition.epub 15 MB
Version 0.7.4 Jun 04, 2022
C++_Edition.pdf 22 MB
Version 0.7.4 Jun 04, 2022
Python_Edition.pdf 22 MB
Version 0.7.4 Jun 04, 2022

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