Status of the project @ 2022-11-19

Greetings everyone.

As probably many of you noticed, version 0.7.5 of the book is "the one of revisions aplenty": I've been notified of mistakes and unclear subjects via GitHub and I did my best to clarify and integrate what is already here.

Some listings have been renewed to better reflect the reality of how things work, typos have been fixed and much more has been happening "under the hood".

Huge restructuring W.I.P.

After some thorough hacking and complex AI-assisted statistical calculations (read "type 'wc -l **/*.md' on my terminal"), I came to the realization that some markdown files have become way too long and hard to handle.

Thus the book has been going through a major restructuring work, where the longer files (I decided to put a "soft limit" of 500 lines) are being split into smaller files, usually at "section levels". This has been paired with some classification and sorting work to make the book a bit more cohesive and less "scatterbrained". (I hope!)

There is also a new box now: "Advanced Wizardry". This box will be used to highlight complex matters that are useful, but can be glossed over, instead of being thoroughly studied.

Deprecating Dia as a tool

This book needs **a lot** of tools to be created, one of those was GNU Dia, which has been extremely useful and versatile, but it has seen its last release in 2011. Considering that I'm already using Inkscape for most of the images, I decided to take the chance to just convert the few diagrams in the dia format towards SVG and deprecate Dia as a needed tool to work on the book.

Renewed Images

Talking about diagrams and images: some images have been redrawn to be clearer and more intuitive (for example the images about vectors will be now drawn on a cartesian plane). This should make the book easier to understand.

Some images weren't working properly, since some elements weren't visible. They should be fixed now.

New form factor and formatting

In an effort to make things look both prettier and easier to read, the book now makes use of the metric "A4" format, thus there won't be white borders on the front cover anymore.

Also the line spacing has been changed to be wider: this should make the book easier on the eyes, and avoid getting lost in the sections that still look like "walls of text".

There is an entire "accessibility tracking issue" on GitHub I'm slowly sorting through to make the ebook more accessible to everyone.

So much for stopping the polishing work...

As I mentioned a couple months ago, my "honing mania" is still going strong, also considering that I'm still lacking drive to study and add what I would consider "real content" to the work.

Things are not easy, burnout is hard to get through, even more when you're passionate about a project but you physically don't have enough energy to push it forward.

If you want to know more about the project, as always I'm linking the GitHub repo:

Thanks everyone for reading. Take care and stay safe!


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